DFSS–An Advanced Approach to Customer Satisfaction!

Every business needs to have the core knowledge of the market’s insight, new business trends and customer requirements to evolve as a leading brand. Also, the businesses need to be innovative and bring out new ideas which are unique and satisfy customer demands. This needs an intense knowledge of the advanced tools and techniques which you learn to employ in DFSS training sessions.


What is DFSS?

DFSS stands for Design For Six Sigma which is an innovation methodology. It is usually found in various forms, with distinct tools and techniques which are designed to add more value during New Product Development, while developing and employing higher quality data for key development decisions.

Phases and Roadmaps

DFSS also has a variety of variants to the phases as well as roadmaps, for instance CDOC, DMADV, IDOV, etc. However, the DFSS methodology is based upon, and begins with Voice of the Customer (VOC), which is followed by Quality Function Deployment (QFD).

Following apparent needs progress and mapping to product robustness, product functions, optimization and statistical design techniques are then taken into use to develop a better service and / or to evolve a better product. Its core being based on the VOC, focuses on the reviews, results and expectations of the customers old and new in order to generate the new product or services –flawless, desirable and effective!

Why Businesses use DFSS Training Programs?

The businesses today employ Innovative Design For Six Sigma training for enhancing the process and improving the outcomes! The training encompasses several phases which you are enrolled in –as per your eligibility and capability. The phases are mentioned here:

  • DFSS White Belt Training– It is for the beginners where the students are trained with the fundamental comprehension of the Lean Six Sigma and the basics of the business, its process and consequences.
  • DFSS Yellow Belt Training- The training includes the basic development procedures along with their requisite metrics.
  • DFSS Green Belt Training- The processes such as project selection, process mapping, capability analysis, process control plan, and hypothesis testing etc. are encircled and taught in the Green Belt training workshop.
  • DFSS Black Belt Training- The Black Belt Training includes: DMAIC which is the acronym for Defining, Measuring, Analyzing, Improving and Controlling.

Through the different phases of the innovative Design For Six Sigma training, the businesses accomplish the pre-eminent goal of pioneering DFSS approach which is to raise the revenues and attract more customers to the firm. The DFSS methodology attains this project by project under which they develop the new products and services that better meet customer needs as well as demands than the competitors.