DFSS consultant: for a Successful Product Launch and its Further Life

People mostly get confused between the terms and say they are implementing six sigma processes, but actually they are using DMAIC, which stands for define, measure, analyze, improve and control. This methodology is used when a product which already has an existence, having a problem or don’t meet with the customers’ expectations. The given acronym stands for: –

Define- to classify the points to focus

Measure- to measure the parameters and understand the deep down problems

Analyze-to analyzes the problem by collecting the related data.

Improve- to improve the problem and rectifying the issues

Control- to control the future process

Now the question arises, if that was DMAIC then what is DFSS? Hopes are not wrong but when we use a methodology for the previously launched product that is already in existence uses the one, we are talking about, but when a product is launched newly or re-designed then that product comes under DFSS methodology.


What is DFSS?

The acronym stands for Design for six sigma like DMAIC the concept of six sigma is not universally recognized, but very confusing in its initial stage, the basic difference between both the methods are from base. DFSS basically means a launch or re-launch of a product which has to be under expert supervision, under this process a product is designed with an eye on the 0.00 errors which apparently means no error at all.

There are lots of other methodologies named DMADV, DMADOV, DCCDI, IDOV and DMEDI which confuse the people, but they all posses different meaning, applications and effects. I know there is another thing which grabs your attention and that is how you are going to start the needed process and how will you consider the problem to emerge the solution? It’s not a matter of thinking or taking stress at all there are lots of experts (whom you can find online) can help you with that, make sure the person you are hiring must be an authentic DFSS consultant and at least have some experience in the field, I hope this information will help you to understand the basic difference between them for further process.


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