Design For Six Sigma: An Approach for Better Business

Today’s world is all about business and profit because what is a business without profit, right? Wrong! The factor which is the root cause of the business growth, but goes neglected is its ‘customers’ and in real means, a business cannot survive without its customers. The more number of satisfied customers, the more rapidly the business grows and all it takes to make the satisfied customers is to understand their needs and enhance the product and service qualities accordingly.

Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) is a methodology for resolving the customers’ issues by making the business robust and the workers capable of facing the troublesome problems that can occur during the whole business process. It is a business-process management method for training the business persons and addresses two ‘voices’: Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Process.

Its training process goes through several phases of mastering each business aspect and each phase is named a belt, which signifies the certificate of that training. The training programs  of DFSS are:

  • DFSS White Belt Training
  • DFSS Yellow Belt Training
  • DFSS Green Belt Training
  • DFSS Black Belt Training

DFSS White Belt Training

White Belt Training is for the beginners or students. In this program the students are made trained with the fundamental comprehension of the Lean Six Sigma and the basics of the  business and its process. All the students who attend the workshop are introduced to the tools and methods for improving the business process.

DFSS Yellow Belt Training

The DFSS Yellow Belt program includes the basic improvement procedures with their necessary metrics. The person who has a yellow belt certificate is eligible to work as a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Under the Yellow Belt training, the students learn to use the tools better and possess a more profound understanding of process involvement.

DFSS Green Belt Training

The Green Belt Program is the first step towards earning the Black Belt. It supports team work and synergy and It involves the processes like project selection, process mapping, capability analysis, process control plan and hypothesis testing etc.

DFSS Black Belt Training

One can proceed to the Black Belt Training only after the completion of the Green Belt Program. The Black Belt Training includes: Defining, Measuring, Analyzing, Improving and Controlling (DMAIC). The process under the Black Belt Training involves Green belt reviews, Advanced MSA, multiple regression, DOE Planning, Factorial designs, Optimization design etc.

Involve yourself into a Design For Six Sigma Training and Certification programs to enhance the business skills and to improve your capability of dealing with the complex problems that may occur during the business process.


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